The Deli Magazine is a daily updated website covering 11 North American music scenes (thus far: NYC, LA, Seattle, Nashville, Chicago, San Francisco Bay Area, Portland, Austin, Philly, DC Area, Toronto, and New England) through 12 dedicated, separate blogs. They also have a quarterly publication exclusively focused on the NYC independent music scenes - and a yearly magazine focused on the SXSW music festival in Austin.


As we know that "The deli magazine" is a daily updated website which covers a broad spectrum of genres including Alt Rock, Indie, and also Metal, Pedals.thedelimagazine.com is also a part of "The deli magazine" which is all about the guitar pedals blogs plus a video aggregator. It provides information about different categories of guitar pedals. The blogs are updated daily, and as the internet's favorite comment plug-in  'Disqus' being integrated, users can comment and present their ideas on the blogs.


Regular features on Pedals, The deli magazine include information regarding all of the music gadgets, advertisement of the latest launched ones' and also the pricing of the specific instrument. With the access of Pedals, The deli magazine, viewers are much pleased with all the blogs we've within us and the people are actively following the latest updates.


Pedals .thedelimagazine was developed in Wordpress. We also used PHP, javascript, and CSS to modify some inbuilt functionalities of the Wordpress site. There were some challenges in this site; the deli magazine team wanted to add some extra features to the site, the search bar needed to find the exact pedals contents, some related posts should be displayed on each site contents, etc. However, because of the tremendous problem-solving skills of the team, we didn't have a hard time completing these tasks.


Pedals.thedelimagazine have become a perfect site for music lovers. The blogs are well-organized, user-friendly, informative, and helpful. As there are many functionalities and social media plugin being one, viewers can see the posts and share them globally. Site viewers can switch through shopping guides or Artists gears on the sidebar and can even search for some guitar pedals info.

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