Horseyard is Australia's premier classifieds site for to buying and selling equine and equine-related items. The site features a modern user interface and easy-to-use search tools that provide users with the superior user experience across desktop, mobile, and tablet devices.
HorseYard is also one of Australia's biggest horse website with around 68,000 unique site visitors each month, over 56,000 registered site users and over 14,500 newsletter subscribers.


Horseyard is a site which is full of javascript challenges. We used ajax mainly in the search bar, which appears on the homepage. As we have a separate category for the search process, there are four tabs on the search bar: horses, Transport, saddlery, and Property. Besides this, We built the 'Features listing' block with the excessive help of Javascript. The 'Features listing' block is not only displayed on the home page but the single pages of Horse buying list. To work on the footer menu 'Search by location' and 'popular searches' were a hard challenge for us, somehow, with a little effort, we were able to finish that task. 

Working with the design and UX team at HorseYard; we offered advice on how best to build their site on Drupal. With the number of consulting and feedback sessions, the team put together a site that would look great. The fast pace of and immediate changes required by the HorseYard team meant that long and rigid development phases were impossible.


Whether you’re looking for light-hearted entertainment or serious advice, the HorseYard features team are here to help. From expert advice on buying a horse through to tips to help you save money on your livery bill, we have the information you are looking for. Regular features on HorseYard include buying and selling of horses, advertisement and can even gain knowledge about the horse breedings. Users can easily search the desired horse for if they are available or not and can easily go through all the processes of buying and selling.


Horseyard has made the buying and selling of the horses much easier. Here the user can easily advertise the horses they are looking forward to sell. Users can search the horses as per their specification and can easily go through the process of buying and selling the horses. The latest updates about all the news related to the horses made the users easily acquire the necessary information. Horseyard makes all these tasks easier. Thus, the users get the horses as per their desire with all the necessary information.

HorseYard Website Case Study

Very popular Australian horses and related directly listing website. A complete payment gateway and e-commerce project...